Each summer the North-West Highland fishing village of Lochinver hosts the Assynt Highland Games. Also known as the 'Friendly Games', these take place in Culag Park on the second Friday in August, and provides a fun day for all the family.

You can visit the Craft & Produce tent or make your way around the field and watch the athletic events as well as various other displays and competitions including Piping, Fly-casting and Highland Dancing.

The Hill Race and Tug-of-War mark the end of the day's events on the Games Field but Games Day would not be complete without the Dance held on Games Night at Lochinver Village Hall.

Surrounded by stunning scenery – unspoilt beaches and iconic mountains such as Quinag and Suilven – there is so much more to do while you spend time with us in Assynt. But be sure to make a note in your diary for Friday 10th August 2018.



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