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Traditionally Highland Games involved clan gatherings where competitors arrived in Highland dress carrying 'gun, sword, pistol and dirk' before proceeding to compete at feats of strength and weaponry. But following the Battle of Culloden, anything relating to Highland culture was prohibited along with the carrying of arms, the playing of bagpipes and wearing of the kilt.

By the mid 19th century the Highland Games were re-established and continue to celebrate Scottish and Gaelic culture. Annual summer games are held as far afield as North America, New Zealand and Australia.

Given the abundance of water – sea, river and loch – it is perhaps no wonder that fly-casting is featured in the Assynt Games. But these Games are also unique in having their Chieftain brought ashore in a designated barge, complete with official piper.

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The Pipe Band then welcomes the Chieftain at Culag Pier where he or she is presented with a cromag or shepherd's crook before being led by the pipers onto the Games field.

For many visitors this is one of the most memorable moments of Games Day - a fitting start to what continues to be an enjoyable event for all concerned.

A new Chieftain is chosen to serve the Games each year. The Chieftain is generally a highly-respected member of the community who has made an exemplary contribution to Assynt. It is no wonder being selected as Assynt Highland Games Chieftain is deemed such a great honour.

Assynt Highland Games Chieftain 2018 -  Dr & Mrs J Vine

                                                                                            Dr John Vine - Biography

                                                                                           Mrs Grace Vine - Biography

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1958 B Simpson 1990 Dr S A Nairn
1959 F Burden MP 1991 Simon Macleod
1960 C C McLaren 1992 H Matheson
1961 R A Vestey 1993 Seordag Murray
1962 H W MacKay 1995 David Grant MBE
1963 J M Milne 1996 Flossie MacPhail
1964 F Wayne 1997 Ian Smith
1965 John Macintyre 1998 Bryan Rowse MBE
1966 Frank Ross 1999 Jim Payne
1967 George Mackenzie 2000 Ian W Macleod
1968 Sir M Turner 2001 Iain Macleod
1969 Brig. L C Madleberg CBE 2002 Andrew Mackay
1970 R M White 2003 Ishbel Macauley
1971 E H Vestey 2004 Kenny MacKenzie
1972 George C MacKay 2005 Sandy Johnston
1973 Duncan Sutherland 2006 William Macleod
1975 R J Macleod 2007 Bertie Buchannan
1976 J M Crichton 2008 Alex Dickson
1977 Alister MacKenzie 2009 Nick Gorton
1978 W Morrison 2010 Neil Gudgeon
1979 W Moffat 2011 Madeline MacPhail
1983 N A MacAskill OBE 2012 Katherine & Graham Anderson
1984 Wilma MacKay 2013 Aileen Macleod Hall
1985 J F MacKenzie 2014 Roddie Kerr
1986 Roderick Macleod 2015 Ronald Fleming
1987 Keith Roberts 2016 Jessie Ross
1988 Olive Macleod MBE 2017 Bill (William Maclean) Smith

1989 David MacBain

 2018 John & Grace Vine

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