The Heavies are often dramatic to watch as each competitor strives to out-muscle his opponents. A variety of weights is thrown – to achieve the greatest distance or height over the bar. But the climax to the day is the tossing of the caber.

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The aim is to throw a caber – typically a larch pole 19 foot 6 inches (5.94 metres) in length and weighing 175 pounds (78 Kg) - from an upright position so it lands directly in front of the caber-tosser at as close to the 12 o'clock position as possible having first also turned end over end.

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Order of Heavy Events Friday 10th August 2018

Register to compete on the day with the field judge

Judge - Sandy Sutherland

Start at 12.15 pm

34. Putting Light Shot                Open

35. Putting Light Shot                Local

36. Putting Heavy Shot              Open

37. Putting Heavy Shot              Local

38. Light Weight Distance         Open

39. Light Weight Distance         Local

40. Heavy Weight Distance       Open

41. Heavy Weight Distance       Local

42. Throwing Light Hammer     Open

43. Throwing Light Hammer     Local

44. Throwing Heavy Hammer   Open

45. Throwing Heavy Hammer   Local

46. Weight over the bar             Open

47. Weight over the bar             Local

48. Tossing the Caber                 Open


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